21st Barcelona Blues Festival in pictures

Vanessa Collier en plana acció.

It seems that the Barcelona Blues Festival has been celebrated in Barcelona for four days, but thanks to the stubbornness of Capibola Blues and its friends and collaborators, we have just enjoyed and celebrated the 21st edition.

We continue with the vast majority of activities completely free. Many of them are of a fully social nature (penitentiary centers, hospitals, etc.) although unfortunately a little effort is needed and everyone contributes a little so that they can continue to be carried out. It is still difficult for the administration to see the human and cultural benefits of this cultural event.

It also seems to be consolidating, for the main concerts, the patio of the headquarters of the Nou Barris district, an environment that is becoming more and more special and is almost perfect for Barcelona’s summer nights.

In the task that belongs to me, taking photos, I have enjoyed as always in all the performances that I have been able to witness. I put here the titles of the same with a link to each of the albums of photographs that I have taken. As a summary, and especially in order to have the photographs very quickly for the media that cover the festival, you can see the Friday album (2023-07-07 – Festival de Blues de Barcelona – Divendres) and the Saturday (2023-07-08 – Festival de Blues de Barcelona) in digital and color format. The rest are all analog, sharing the Blues step with that of chemical photography.