A bolo with Mambo, a lot of Mambo

The great Mambo Jambo presenting the latest album “El Gran Ciclón” accompanied by the Arkestra

Since the beginning of the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic I hadn’t been back. It’s been a good stack of years and, in this last thirty-five edition, I was able to reunite with one of the biggest music festivals in the country.

Obviously, things in Vic, at the festival and in my life have changed a lot in these more than thirty years. Well, on this occasion I was able to enjoy it from the other side of the stage; with the good music and, above all, with the experience of learning from the musicians on the journey from Barcelona, at the sound tests, at the long waits, backstage at the performance and on the way back to the big city .

As always, the question is which team to wear. This even makes me nervous… Analog?, digital? And as always I end up taking what makes me feel the most comfortable. The weight increasingly determines this choice, but also the practicality and discretion to be able to shoot without people noticing and thus have snaps that are fresher, more unconditional and intimidated by high-volume equipment. So again the Canon gear at home and I used the Leica D-Luxe for the “meanwhile” and the Fuji X-Pro 1 with only the fantastic Fujinon XF 16mm F2.8 for the gig itself.

Unfortunately, I am very short of time and this time I have done without my beloved Leica M6, so common in my music concerts. Of course, I always carry a small LC-A camera in my bag to take some spontaneous photos, out of place, almost by accident. Here’s a little taste.

The spectacular bolo!, seeing the faces of the public, especially those who did not know the Jambophonic phenomenon, was priceless. The great cyclone disheveled the Plana de Vic!!

Either way, it’s best to enjoy and have fun with good music! If you want to see the photos of the bolo, you can find them, as always, on the blog:

And despite everything, long live Rock’n’Roll!

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