Arundo Donax 2023 – La Puebla de Hijar

Once again I was able to attend the Puebla de Híjar (Teruel) to enjoy Arundo Donax at the “VIII Jornada alrededor de la caña musical“. The last few editions, due to work or the pandemic, I couldn’t go there, but the reunion with so many beautiful people finally took place this weekend.

Workshops, walks, exhibitions, concerts, all revolving around the Arundo Donax, the scientific name of the river reed.

If you don’t know about it, you’re missing out on one of the most interesting, well put together and beautiful cane festivals (musical and drinking) you’ll see anywhere.

I’m already counting the days until the next trip to La Puebla.

Here I leave you the report album of the last edition 2023 which I hope can be maintained for many, many years!