Bran new calendar of 9 Barris Acull

Sergi Moyano, from the copy shop posing with the tests of this year’s 2023 calendar

Once again, I am very happy that the 9BA (9 barris Acull) has trusted me to produce the already classic calendar they publish annually.

This year, I had insisted heavily, we have returned to portraiture and analogue photography, the usual.

So we stayed at the AV de Prosperiat ((thanks for giving us the space!) with the real protagonists, the young people who work with the association and there, in two sessions, we completed the portraits.

The material. Well, I was able to count on a Leica M4-2 with a beautiful Summicron 50mm f/2.8, a piece of equipment that I love for doing this type of portrait photography.

For the film I chose the ADOS HR-50, which gives a contrast and definition that I have never been able to imitate in digital formats.

Then all the rolls developed in my lab with their specific developer (ADOX HR-DEV). Finally scanned with enough resolution and to work on the negatives. For lighting I used a pair of 400W Elichrom flashes from the 9BarrisImatge collective (to which I belong) equipped with their windows. A very large one with “bee panel” of direct lighting and a second bounced on the ceiling to make an ambient light and separate the shadows from the white paper background.

After retouching; removing imperfections from the negative, correcting contrast, shadows and exposure comes the post-production part. I first left the frames you did originally, that’s why I use the camera I use, but I saw them with little strength, they didn’t convey the idea I had. So I took a chance on a proposal that put a lot more emphasis on close-ups, or super-close-ups, to achieve my goal. Fortunately, it seems that the 9BA colleagues also liked this bolder proposal. Good!

In addition to photographs, a calendar needs a designer. Fortunately, 9bi has again been able to count on the great Roger Font Micás, a designer that I find very good.

Now we just have to wait a few days for Moyano to finish his part of the job and to all support this and all the much needed initiatives that 9Bi is developing.

Very grateful and happy I am!


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