Testing the ADOX HR-50 film

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  • Posted on: 6 January 2020
  • By: admin

These days I was able to escape out of Barcelona and took the opportunity to do some tests with the film HR-50 d'ADOX. A film of this kind - a super fine grain or so advertised - I think you should try it with its specific developer, so that you can see the best results it can offer. So, together with friend Alfons de Castro, we shoot a couple of rollers for Pedrola (near Zaragoza) and revealed them all with the developer ADOX HR-DEV following the instructions of this; 1+49 - 11 minuts - 22 ºC.

Here are the results:
2019-12-29- M6 - Voigtlander21f4 - ADOX HR 50 @25 - Pedrola

And the same day and time, the friend Alfonso de Castro also tested this curious film.
Pedrola 2019