Developing color film with black and white process

Preparing future photography workshops I met some interesting articles explaining the technique to reveal, like black and white film, color film (C-41).

I found among the (few) what I liked is this: “Revelando película color con proceso para blanco y negro” by Alvaro Remesal.

These summer days, thinking about testing this experimental technique I spend a roller Fujifilm color. A Fujicolor ISO 200 and 24 exhibitions that long ago I was at home.

To do this I followed revealed more or less your article but my way for a change.

So I proceeded:

  • Load the reel spiral tank revealed my dark coat.
  • Pre-wash the film with Jerry Brita filtered water. Twice a bath for 5 minutes.
  • While I prepared by the developer revealed unattended Rodinal (R09 One Shot) dissolved in 500 ml + 5ml.
  • During the first minute I mix well with the dissolution tank already in the tank. Probably three times blunt ass tank detach to make possible air drops that may have been in contact with the film and finally revealed a neglected 60 minutes, yes, 60!
  • Luckily sur running water home to about 20 ° C approximate, so I fill the stack and I stopped doing revealed tank immersed in the water so as not to exceed the temperature revealed during the long waiting time .
  • After I revealed filled with tap water three times to wash the tank of the chemical film.
  • Bathroom stop in my case TETENAL Indicet at 1-9 for 1 minute
  • Wash new film with 3 baths tap water
  • Fixed with Ilford fixed 5 + 1 for 5 minutes.
  • Finally wash with antistatic Calculus for 2 minutes and final cleaning for 15 minutes with running water.

You’ll see that if you see this process to remove the film that seems not to be revealed. It is a brown patina (quite disgusting) making have to scan the negative forcing him much sunshine or scanner with automatic options there is the image.

You’ll also notice that the resulting grain is quite exaggerated, sometimes I love to have a big grain but not always.

The results as you can see in the photos that accompany this article are not optimal; so have the films of black and white or color revealed with their chemicals, but it is fun to experiment and come out more or less. Aira well, I can not even imagine trying to make a copy of these negative with the enlarger.

You can see all photos of this roller experimentarl this album

I have also tested negative scan result was encouraging that the scanner and these are the color, surprising results: