Lomography, great photos with a simple camera


As you can observe a number of pictures that can be found in PictureBCN.com under the category “Lomography”. And what exactly is that?

Lomography brand is currently in charge of defending digital photography. To achieve this goal manufacture and sell many types of cameras and formats, reels and accessories.

But besides a trademark could say that Lomography is confronted with quite an attitude that dominates the digital photography scene today.

Surely the most popular and are known for their cameras Lomography plastic, also called “Toycams”.

These are characterized by being made ​​of plastic (including optical), was quite simple to operate, have an aesthetics between “retro” and fun, all at a reduced cost or very content. These features are in addition to the images obtained with these analog cameras have a high contrast and low definition. The opposite of that search with a digital camera, you seek only the highest definition and realism in the photographs obtained.

You can read the whole story on the official website lomography.com/about/timeline.

Another important feature of the Lomography movement are its 10 golden rules that should be used when performing photographs with these cameras:

We also emphasize that thanks to Lomography you can still find many sizes and types of rollers in their stores or their online store and that, my friends, be a great for those that like to take pictures and have been made all the life .

I consider myself a fan of Lomography (This is my Lompgraphy home page) and I have a good collection of plastic cameras and other analog with which I have done a number of my photographs you can visit this page.

However, it should be make clear that this type of photography (by the characteristics of the cameras) not look exactly high definition nor a careful approach . Necessary to know before you think that this kind of photography has been printed wrong, and so are a lot of people love it (as a server) and the other eyes hurt, it’s all a matter of taste, like everything in life !

So you just need to jump wholeheartedly recommend any of the stores around the world, or if you prefer, a virtual store to buy you a shop.lomography.com camera Lomography and some films.


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