“Preses Falses – 40 anys de Blues a Barcelona”

The witness’s gaze

This project began to be created in a world that is no longer recognized by the mother who gave birth to it and I have had the strange privilege of living it from within. When I first spoke with Joan to write the texts for a book of photographs of the protagonists of blues history in Barcelona, ​​the Christmas hangover of 2020 had not yet dissipated. He had already begun to do so. photos and knew the process would be complicated and lengthy… but we never suspected that much. A few days after our first meeting to launch the topic of the texts that would accompany the photos, the world, as we knew it, disappeared and was reduced to the four walls that surrounded us. Then began the pilgrimage of the two rarest years of our existence and we weathered the storm trying to take advantage of time. [-]

Manuel Lopez Poy

You can purchase the book on the website of 112books.eu or contacting the author directly.