Sessions for musicians Instagramers

Chino with the best attitude in front of the camera

For better or for worse, nowadays, most of the musicians I know (a few) need more promoters than we all imagine; rehearsals, arrangements and performances. Well, the point is that this type of “promo” allows them to get performances and, what matters most today to survive, a lot of likes and followers. At Pocallum we also offer microsessions to be able to update your image on Social Networks. The idea is to capture at every moment (once a month approx.) changes in clothing, instruments, etc. Obviously, we can also use different locations or get all the juice out of the studio we have.
In analogue (as I like it better) or in digital if you need to have the photos at the moment. Either way you are invited to refresh the image in your communication channels with a different approach and a little crazy with our services.

In the example photograph, the faithful Chino that often happens to be immortalized! Get the latest Reels, Stories, Posts and all that stuff!


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