Testing vintage cameras

Today was a great day! Yes. One of the things I like most is to make photographs. If you make a large format camera with a wooden early last century, the better.

For issues that now I can not explain, I went at David friend’s home to try a couple of vintage cameras. Apparently they do not have name or brand or model they are old, but besides valuable, we could verify that work perfectly.

So I brought a little revealing paper, fixer and a box of paper Ilford Multigrade RC de Luxe, mate and 4×5. ” A photo paper, 10×15 cm negative !!
Well, aided by a light bulb 500W continuous photometer in hand and we proceeded to load the chassis, with the focus frosted glass … and lock ourselves in the bathroom for a while with the magical chemistry.

The cameras used are these:


Here are some of the results. Models are not exactly the most handsome of Barcelona, but we did not have anybody more 😉

With big camera:

With the camera not so great: